Qbis statistics

The employment details of people that work through us abroad are saved in our database. This makes it possible to show some interesting details on:

✔ Number of people employed: Shows the total amount of people that are employed through us in a certain period. In three years there is was growth from 50 people in 2008 to 850 people in 2016.

Start date: To:

✔ Number of starters vs stoppers: Shows the number of started vs stopped employments. It shows in which period how many people start and stop to work.

Start date: To:

✔ Employment duration: Shows how long people are working abroad through us. In these statistics you have to take in consideration that a lot of people have started their employment recently and so the graph will show different results when you only look at the people that started f.e. a year ago (it shows that the average duration of stay is over 250 days).

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