Production worker (wire factory) Meulebeke, in Belgia, de la 13,09€/ora

Postul vacant este disponibil pentru 10 zilePosturile vacante: 1/2

Descrierea ofertei

Dubaere is a company owned by family. Company have two sites in Aalter and Meulebeke and provide in flexible solutions for the reinforcement of steel: cold
drawn ribbed wire and welded mesh.

At Dubaere they
have three departments in the production

Department 1:
Wire drawing

  • Rincing
    of the raw wire rod

  • Removing
    of mill scale, stretch and lubricate

  • Cold
    wire drawing (by operating the machine)

  • Preparing
    for transport or the next department

  • Supervision
    during this whole process

Department 2:

  • Manually input
    of steel wire in machine + check

  • Registration of

  • Cutting steel

  • Preparing for
    transport or the next department

  • Operating
    several machines + gantry

Department 3:
Net welding machines

  • Input of steel
    bars in machine (automatic and manually)

  • Check
    measurements of bars + input computer

  • Supervision
    during the whole process

  • Troubleshooting

  • Preparing for
    transport or next department

It’s long term job offer, company works in two shift schedule.



  • to have similar job experience in metal production enviroment
  • to be ready to do physical job
  • to not have health problems
  • to be prepared to get dirty



Good English is needed, at least B1 level.